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The farm produces extra virgin Miceli for three generations also also cultivates oranges, lemons and tangerines through the method of integrated pest management in a unique environment. The fields are located in the surrounding area of Ribera and plateaus that slope down to the sea, giving the fruit and vegetable flavors. The olive harvest is done by hand, directly from the trees that received organic fertilization and the olives are processed in the mill no more than 24 hours.
The varieties of olives grown in the name of tradition for over half a century, with wisdom and love, are: Biancolilla, Nocellara del Belice and Mona Lisa.
The goal we set ourselves, is to obtain a high quality product through processing methods healthy and responsible.

"It is said that here in Sicily then the Magna Grecia, was the goddess Athena to give humanity before calling it a seedling olive immortal tree, the fruits of which we extract the juice which gives nourishment, health, strength and beauty"

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Pesto di Pistacchio

Pistacchi 57%, Oil extra vergine di oliva 43%, sale, pepe.
In vaso. Peso netto 180 gr.


Condimento per Pasta con Sarde

Finocchietto selvatico, sarde fresche, cipolla, sarde salate, uva sultanina, pinoli, passata di pomodoro, Oil extra vergine di oliva, sale, peperoncino, pepe nero.
In vaso da 300 gr.


Pesto Mediterraneo

Pomodori secchi 42%, Oil extra vergine di oliva 35%, capperi, olive verdi, prezzemolo, cipolla, basilico, menta, vino bianco.
In vaso. Peso netto 180 gr.


Salsa del Diavolo

Peperoncino 75%, Oil extra vergine di oliva 80%, Oil di semi di girasole 20%, sale, aromi naturali.
In vaso. Peso netto 300 gr.

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